Innovative solutions

Innovative solutions

In September 2006, Lucid launched the interactive training DVD that provides guidance and lifestyle management for drivers. It focuses on what is often referred to as the soft stuff – but in fact often turns out to be the really hard stuff.

The DVD combines video, animation and interactive exercises covering a wide range of lifestyle and self-management issues that can affect drivers when doing their job.

Shot with actual drivers from Britain’s passenger, freight and OTM operators, it is an open and honest take on issues that are very real, but can be difficult to discuss in the workplace.

This is highlighted by Don Coffey, a driver for Northern Rail: “I have to say that I found parts of the DVD very harrowing, even those examples done by actors. It really hits home the need to discuss these kinds of issues with your manager. Congratulations on such a well made and evocative DVD.”

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