Highways Agency Research Compendium

Community compendium

E-newsletters and research updates are available via the compendium, helping the research community to keep up-to-date and stay in touch. Content contributors also have the facility to send group emails.

Written in PHP, with a MySQL database backend, the website architecture is based on Lucid’s standard object orientated PHP website framework.

Lucid’s framework uses the Smarty templating engine to enforce the separation between presentation and content. This strict separation has been invaluable in allowing the design of the site to be updated quickly and easily as the Highways Agency site design changes.

In line with the main Highways Agency site, WCAG accessibility compliance is achieved through the use of CSS positioning and designing.

The most interesting technical element of the site is the tight design integration with the main Highways site. Using a combination of screen scraping, regular expressions and caching technologies, navigational elements like the menus and traffic news ticker are dynamically extracted from the main Highways site and then integrated into the research compendium site.

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